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We Started Amazonhub.me, because it was a great idea that can save everyone money Amazon shopping. If you are one of the lucky few that realizes how much money and time you can save by shopping on Amazon, then we have taken and put all Amazon deals, coupons, warehouse deals and deals of the day all in one place, so you can get access to every deal Amazon has.

The reasons we love shopping on Amazon.com is the insane deals that you just could not find anywhere else. I just love shopping from the convenience of my home, but mostly the savings. Amazon is way cheaper then our local Wal-Mart almost every time it is rare that Amazon isnít the price winner. One thing that we have started doing lately is to buy a lot of our groceries with Amazon and again on average half the price of the local Super store.

I think if most people knew the benefits of shopping on Amazon, physical merchants would be in a lot of trouble. And shopping from home would explode I have had the pleasure of waking a lot of my friends and family up to this really cool way of shopping, and their delighted. I feel really good to share this great resource. It is still really hard for me to believe more people donít know about Amazon, they are super cheap on nearly anything you can think of, and there is a good reason for this. Often time manufactures are looking to sell their products directly on to the consumer cutting out the middle man retailer. This means huge saving for the average Joe consumer like ourselves.

What most people donít realize is that Amazon is not just a single retailer or merchant. It is more like a fulfillment service for many retailers from around the globe. All these retailers are competing against each other to give you the lowest price on the products youíre looking for. What Amazon does is provide a service to bring together the consumer, retailers and manufactures all under one roof. What this means for you is huge savings on your purchases without ever having to leave home.

So you save money on shopping you would do anyway. So here is how you can get going on your savings, fill your information into the signup form to the right of this page. When you get the email asking to confirm your information, just click the confirmation link and we will send you a special ULR that will be your personal web portal to Amazon for your country. This link will then take you to the main Amazon site after you do a search from the search bar on your personalized page.